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The use of essential oils for dry and problem skin


If you keep issue facial skin of the facial skin, so you can use a oil of rosemary undiluted it directly to the inflamed space of?? skin with it must be done this several minutes per day until completely Kazha person will not be restored and there will be regeneration of the face.

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Covers of natural honey for normal facial skin


A cover of natural honey and clay. By 1 teaspoon of fluent honey append 30-40 drops of lemon juice and around 1 spoon of white clay. It is possible to also add some coldness water to a white slurry, which is applied to the facial skin and neck skin with a spatula. After 25-Thirty minutes, wash off a cover with cool h2o, so wipe a face with slices of lemon. Rounding out a proceedings a any cold-blooded compresses. Create one mask once a week.

Toning honey cover for aging facial skin, 2 tablespoon of warm semolina, cooked in milk until a consistency of thick cream, blend with honey (1 tsp.), fresh egg, saline (1/2 teaspoonful), then throw in 2-3 tbsp. Read more -->

Masks of almonds for ordinary skin


Almond mask. Confection almond kernels mash in a coffee grinder or mix in a porcelain mortar. By 1 teaspoon crushed almonds append 1 tsp. Oil or sour cream and 1 teaspoonful of the yolk. All properly and use on face and neck for 20-30 minutes.

Almond-honey mask for aging facial skin. Blend and carefully rub the egg with 1 teaspoonful of almond butter and 1 tsp. Read more -->

Covers of milk yoghurt


We all know about the size of the health properties of dairy products. But this time, let's talk approximately a only valuable, tasty yogurt. How, yogurt - is a fermented natural milk product made by fermentation of good liquid milk. A birthplace of this beneficial product is Bulgaria. Organic yoghurt, namely a organic item recommended yoghurt face cover want not contain dyes and preservatives.

Skin mask is suitable for all facial skin types.

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Why dry face is very dry?


Masks for dry skin and nourish a mask. There are a great number of recipes that allow you to combine both nutrition and hydration.

H2o-based creams are great for very dry face. Face want be cleaned with a particular milk and cream. But keep in mind when buying that this tool want be hypoallergenic. After a cleaning procedure the person should use moisturizer and easy fat serum for dry facial skin.

In ordering not to cause addiction changes your cosmetics. Masks for dry facial skin may be chosen to suit every tasting and color cover for any kozhiretseptov myriad.

Carefully wash, dry facial skin complete with sour cream, milk yoghurt and sour. Read more -->

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